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According to a research, around two percent of a household's budget is spent on clothes. Although it may not be your biggest expenditure, it still costs you a significant amount per annum.

And you cannot cut off the expense entirely. You need new clothes on a consistent basis. You may gain or lose weight, or the cloths may go out of fashion. That means you have to do the shopping no matter what.

Besides, new clothes can make you look good and feel good. It is crucial for your self-esteem and overall confidence. So, you cannot just stop buying more clothes, but you can save a lot more if you play strategically (or you can buy everything under $10 from our online store).

  1. Purchase the basics

The layering pieces that you wear under different outfits like plain tees or tank tops need not bear a high-end brand tag. No one is going to look at them, and they may not last long. Even if they do, you may get bored with them pretty soon. So, do not spend much on the basics. However, do not compromise on quality, as the undershirt should still serve its job and sustain for a while.

  1. Set your style

Find out what fabrics and lines are suitable for your body type. It will prevent you from buying clothes that will be abandoned later for not looking good enough. Also, consider the combos or looks that never go out of style as your wardrobe staples. Buy clothes that fit you now.

Getting clothes that you will grow into is not a wise way to build the wardrobe for adults. As mentioned earlier, the way you dress determines your personality and self-esteem. Hence, your dress should accent your shape and complement your size. Buying clothes that fit you helps you save money from purchasing suits that you may never wear.

  1. Out of season shopping

Shopping out of season is the most effective to buy quality clothing at a lower price. Pre-season shopping may be an exciting opportunity, as it is the harbinger of the new season. However, it becomes a burden on your pocket because you pay the maximum retail price.

The basic demand and supply rule apply. When you are buying something whose demand is high, you will be paying a higher price whereas, if you are purchasing an item that has low demand, the price will be low. It may feel awkward to buy a cardigan when it is burning hot outside, but you are going to save a lot from it. You can also shop from online clearance sales. Such sales offer huge discounts and offer more variety than many stores.

  1. Utilize Coupon Apps

In this day and age, there is an app everything, even for shopping. A lot of coupon apps are available that can help you lower the burden on your wallet. Most of these apps are available for Android and iOS that help you find coupons at the stores around you, be it local stores or chains. These apps enable you to remember your favorite stores and intimate you when they have special offers.

  1. Do not fuss over trends

Fashion trends are ever-changing. They all tend to have their little moment and then become forgotten. Be it oxford-style lace-ups or long cardigans, they remain lying in the closets or go to charity once their moment is over. Many stores would tempt you to buy ultra-trendy items, and they may be cheap. But buying these items means that you have to repurchase new clothes after a while. That does not make these clothes as cheap as they seem to be. Instead of blindly following the trend, just buy those trendy clothes that you actually like and those complying with your style.

  1. Be mindful of handling specifications

You have to consider the washing methods of clothes as well while shopping. If you are buying a dry-clean-only item, you have to pay an extra $10 every time you get it cleaned. It may seem a petty amount to you, but it adds up real fast. So, go for clothes with a fancy feel that can be thrown in your washer. If you are fixated on an item that is dry clean only, you should get home dry-cleaning kits. Also, stall the dry clean visits as long as you can by spot cleaning instantly.

  1. Ask politely for a discount

If you come across a defected item that is use-able, ask for a few bucks off the product. This defect may include a removable powder stain, faulty zippers, or missing buttons. These defects can be dealt with easily and can also cost you way cheaper than their other perfect counterparts.

  1. Go easy on flash sales

Do not go to flash sales, as they result in impromptu purchases motivated by adrenaline. When surrounded by items bearing an on-sale tag, you do not think whether you need that certain item. All you can think is how great that deal is, and there are only a few of those items. While the discount may be huge, you are bound to spend a lot more than your budget allows you to.

  1. Take a pause before you buy

Many experts recommend counting to three before making a purchase. Be it a new shirt or a new wrap, you should tell yourself three reasons to buy that product. Think of at least three items in your wardrobe that you can pair with the new piece or come up with a few occasions where you can utilize that outfit. If you are short of the answers, it means you do not need that outfit.

  1. Give and take

Give up a piece to charity every time you buy a new piece of clothing, shoes, or accessory. It may seem intense, yet it will not only prevent your wardrobe from cluttering but also let you help others while maintaining a healthy bank balance.

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