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How to Buy Cheap Hoodies for Women?

By Muhammad Asif December 05, 2019 0 comments

Hoodies were once regarded as a comfortable and cozy clothing item to relax in on a lazy Sunday. But with the surge in people's interest with fitness and sports, fashion trends have evolved tremendously. This has given women's clothing a more athletic spin. Now gym clothing is not restricted to just gyms. It has become a popular street style and looks super chic.

You can put on a hoodie with leggings, sweats, shorts or even pencil skirt to achieve a trendy vibe. Twisted front, Tie and Dye, Cropped, Drawstring neck styles are trendy this season. You can even layer them with jackets and coats. Every woman needs to have a couple of hoodies in their wardrobe this season to enjoy the winters with style and comfort.

Where, before hoodies were deemed as cheap and inexpensive clothing items, now their prices have skyrocketed. In High end brands price of a good hoodie has reached up to hundreds of dollars. Our experts have curated some tips to buy hoodies in more affordable prices.

Buy Hoodies in summers

It might sound a little absurd to buy a cozy hoodie in scorching heat of summers but it is actually a great money saving trick. In off seasons their prices are relatively lower. And at the end of the season many brands have clearance sales. It is a great opportunity to snag high end brand pieces like Gucci hooded sweatshirts in cheaper prices.

Buy a timeless Hoodie

Naturally you might gravitate towards a trendy overhyped style. But when investing big money always buy a timeless classic hoodie in a basic color. Gucci vintage logo hoodie and “The Perfect Hoodie” by Tna Aritza are good examples of timeless pieces. You will find it very irritating if every second person is wearing the same trendy hoodie you bought for an expensive price. Secondly, the trends are short lived and will eventually pass. So stick with classic styles and rock them for many years to come.

Alterations and Modifications

Open your closet and closely observe the hoodies you already possess but don’t wear.  This is because either they are ill-fitted or not very stylish. A little modification and alteration can go a long way and redeem these pieces. For instance if you have a hoodie that is very boring you can modify it by cutting it to midriff and transform it into a popular cropped hoodie style. A basic hoodie, that you have worn a million times and are tired of wearing it, should not be thrown out of the closet. Instead some makeover like adding some graphics by fabric paint can give it a completely new look. So, don’t be afraid of DIY hacks and salvage the unused hoodies.

Use Coupons

Now days there are many apps like Honey and Coupon Sherpa that provide you coupons from different retailers. By availing these coupons you can buy the supper cool hoodies from stores like a Champion. Reversed weaved cropped hoodie is all the rage this season. Coupons have made shopping easy and affordable. Apart from coupon apps you also can get coupons for up to 5 to 10 % discount from stores you shop by filling their online customer surveys. You can avail these coupons on next purchase and save money.

Second Hand Hoodies

When short on money and cannot afford a new hoodie get a second hand. Second handed hoodies can be bought on very cheap price from thrift stores. Goodwill and Salvation Army are great places to search for a basic hoodie. All you need to do is to search thoroughly and you might find the gem. Apart from thrift store you also have an option to swap hoodies with your friend. This way you will have a variety to wear for work.

Low Maintenance

Read the washing instructions mentioned on the hoodie label. Buying a hoodie with the washing instructions “Dry Clean Only” will be stupid. As its dry cleaning bill for future will even exceed its actual price. So buy the pieces that are low maintenance and can be washed in a regular way to save your hard earned money.

Now that you have bought the perfect hoodie, keep it with care to make it last longer.

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