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How to Buy Cheap Jeans for Women Online?

By Muhammad Asif November 05, 2019 0 comments

A simple task like purchasing a pair of jeans online can sometimes become quite stressful. The body shapes of all women are very unique. Different types of jeans might look better on you depending on your thighs or waist to hip ratio.

And when you have all this figured out, there's the challenge to find cheap jeans online

Here's how you can find the perfect pair at the right price.

  • Take Measurements: Take measurements of your body so that you will know what type of jeans you need to buy. Once you know your waist size, your length, etc., the process of purchasing jeans will become much easier.
  • Decide Fabric/Color: Denim or blue isn’t the only fabric or color in which jeans are available. There exists a range of other fabrics or colors as well for the purpose. Make your mind or check in your wardrobe to decide the color that you are looking for.
  • Check Styles: If you are ordering the jeans online for a particular event, then you should decide its design accordingly. There is a huge range of jeans styles like skinny jeans, high-waisted jeans, butt lifting jeans or boyfriend jeans.

Once you are done with the above exercise, your next step is to go and find the best price.

Buy on Sales, Coupons and Promo Codes

This method always works when it comes to buying cheap jeans for women online. Purchase jeans which are on sale. Do not jump the wagon to buy a pair of jeans right away when you see one online. Rather exercise some patience and wait for it to be listed for sale. Once it is on sale, you can buy it at a reduced price. You can also wait for special seasonal sales, like clearance sales, Black Friday sales, etc. On these sales, the prices get very low.

Collect coupons and promo codes by signing up on different websites. Combine these to get yourself the perfect pair of jeans at a very low price. Let us explain to you how this works. Let us assume you have a discount coupon for say 8 dollars and promo code which gives you 50% off. So, what you should do is consume your promo code first and get 50% off on the whole price. Then use the coupon code as well and get 8 dollars reduced from the remaining price. Thus, if you like a pair of jeans worth say 30 dollars, you can get it for 7 dollars only. Not bad, right?

Sign Up to Newsletters and Promotion Sites

Visit promotional sites and sign up for newsletters in your email to get waivers on your jeans. Also, there are smart reward programs that offer special cuts in prices if you follow some prescribed actions; like giving reviews on their websites, referring their store to your friends or doing online surveys.

This process isn’t as easy as it sounds. You will have to screen through your emails and find the ones which are offering such opportunities. Moreover, you will also need to test various promotional websites before landing on the one which offers authentic reductions in price.

Avoid Dynamic Price Trap

Most people do not even know what dynamic price trap is, let alone avoiding it. Different prices are charged to different people over the internet for the same product. This is mainly based on their spending patterns, location, and other features. You might be charged high compared to someone else residing in another area with slightly modest online search and shopping history.

You can avoid the dynamic price trap by turning off your location(or using a ghost location of some other area), clearing your browsing history and logging out of emails and social media accounts. Moreover, switch to the incognito mode of your browser as it will further increase the chances of getting a low price.

Compare Price Range

Get old school by adopting this basic yet effective method of purchasing a pair of jeans for a very cheap price. Compare the prices of different brands and then select the one which suits your budget. We will recommend not to overspend when it comes to purchasing jeans. Find an item with an average price tag and use the saved money to buy shoes or accessories which can be worn to compliment your beauty.

The benefit of comparing the prices of different brands is not just that it saves you some dollars but the bigger benefit is that it helps you decide which pair of jeans you want to have in your wardrobe. Moreover, the personal satisfaction which you will get by considering different options and then selecting the best one is priceless.

Read Reviews and Watch Testimonials

Reviews give you an honest picture of the item you are about to purchase over the internet. Considering that most of the online reviews are given by clients of the brands, you can get much-needed first-hand detail on the jeans which you intend to buy.

Moreover, watch testimonial videos or go through written testimonials on the websites of different brands before buying the jeans. These testimonials are given by genuine customers and often present the apt picture of their products.

It can be a challenging process for women to buy a cheap pair of jeans. But, buying on sales, using promo codes and discount coupons, comparing price range and avoiding price trap can help you get a good pair of jeans at a very affordable rate.


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