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Six Tips to Save Money On Your Holiday Shopping

By Afterpay US Collaborator November 04, 2019 0 comments

Everyone wants to look good without spending.

It is like asking for a perfect physique without going to the gym. You have to spend money or time (or both) to achieve anything in life. But that doesn't mean you should spend without thinking.

Holiday shopping is all about festivity and finding great deals or discounts. But you need to be careful because some businesses will just hike prices and offer huge discounts. You need to make sure that you are not wasting a lot of money. Here's how to keep your budget in check at this Holiday shopping.

Cut Down Impulsive Retail Therapy 

If you shop to feel better, then you must find an alternative for your addiction. Every time you feel the urge to shop, remind yourself of how bad you might feel later. Other than that, step out of your house with a limited amount of cash, no credit cards, this way you will be compelled not to spend extravagantly. When you go shopping, make a list of items that you need – like a cheap midi dress, a clutch, or shoes. Then stick to this, instead of being carried away and compulsively buying make-up items as well as accessories. 

Collect Gift Cards and Subscribe to Newsletters to Avail Discounts 

If you have found a store that suits your budget and personal style, then ask them for a gift card. Most stores do hold on to loyal customers and would willingly cater to you. Other than that, signing up for newsletters and email lists of your favorite brands will notify you of biannual or off-season sales and discounts. (Also subscribe to Clothing Under $10 newsletter). This way you can save a good amount of money. 

Do a Thorough Online Research of the Item You're Buying 

Fortunately, with the abundance of online as well as massive department stores; there is a fair chance of finding similar clothing items at a variable price. Thus if you are looking to save money, then try doing thorough research before settling for an item. Unless, of course, it is an exceptionally rare, limited edition fashion item – which in any case is highly unlikely. Leave no stone un-turned to find the same items at cheaper rates – but make sure that you are not compromising on the quality of the product.  

Always Try on the Clothes Before Buying Them 

Frequently a clothing item that looks good on the mannequin or the model may not look as appealing on you. Instead of feeling under-confident about this fact, to be more patient and experimental about what will fit and suit your unique physique perfectly. Not only will you end up buying the best outfit but will also save you from spending cash on an item you might end up hating later. 

Refrain from Seeking Advice from the Salesperson 

Indecisive buyers often tend to ask for suggestions from the salespeople. But be wary of them; for they are paid to convince you to splurge on clothing items. Whether it is a small store or a high-end clothing outlet, salespeople are trained to show you items that might complement with your dress, body type or even personality. Thus, it is better to politely dismiss them, instead of regretting a purchase later. 

Opt for a Clothing Rental Service 

One of the best ways to save money on fashion shopping is by going for a rental service. You can find a plethora of both pre-loved and even unused clothes, oftentimes even branded items, for half their original price. Thus, whether you are looking for a fancy custom for Halloween, an elegant gown for an important ceremony or even trendy professional suits for a meeting, clothing rental services can be a savior! Try to get in touch with local stylists or celebrities who tend to clear out their wardrobes more frequently than most people – you might even end up getting something for free!

Bottom line is that you do not have to spend half of your paycheck in trying to look fashionable. Understanding that looking presentable and being brand-conscious are two different things, and you can manage the former by keeping up a healthy lifestyle as well. Although, there is growing pressure on millennials, especially with the growth of social media, to wear new outfits daily. Hence, they tend to cut down their expenses by resorting to cheaper meals. But no expensive clothing item can look good if your health is being compromised.

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