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Spending too much money on fashion is pointless, think about it, the trend keeps changing, new ideas keep popping and the old fashion goes obsolete pretty darn quickly. 

If you Can Afford It, Doesn't mean that you should

Ever noticed how people are buying stuff so randomly on sales like that of black Friday. People spend money they don’t have the things they don’t need. People spend several hours figuring out and trying on clothes, spending hard-earned money and filling up the closet which you probably might never use again. For that one minute hype you but stuff that you later don't consider or find it worthy enough for wearings it's a common problem and a waste financially too.

When you have money don’t spend on pleasing yourself for a minute desire, buy in a manner that you would be investing in yourself. Ever heard of a saying, “Marketing is one of the keys to success”. You always have to ensure that what your buying should be somehow an investment for you financially.

Smart and Famous people don’t wear fashion

Ever heard of the old saying, you get what you pay for. This statement is true when it's considered fashion. Low price offers low-quality material, but when you look at the high caliber designer clothing, you are paying far more than what you are getting in return. Value is all about the worth of something, like when your buying something always consider it’s worth to you and not based on the cost. Buying a cheap set of pants with a zipper that is barely working or easily fades away after a couple of washes are not worthy bargains.

Surely by now, you’re thinking that a lot of wealthy people could get anything they want but they don’t care a bit about their dressing. This mindset saves them from wasting on fashion. Billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and other techy guys don’t dress up fashion at all.

Now the point is not to brag about billionaires when none of us are, it's about having the right attitude when of not spending insanely on clothing.

The Only Details That Should Matter

When you are buying something there are always a few things that you should consider before starting. To be satisfied with what you get, you should consider the following features:

Always Focus on Quality over Quantity

A lot of clothing that people buy is like buying fast food, high in calories (quantity) but incredibly low in nutrition (quality). Buying low quality. People have their wardrobe full of clothes but they rarely wear much of those and rather prefer buying new stuff. Now that wardrobe is a wasted space and money. It is not necessary to for quality to be expensive, you could get a second-hand items in a reusable condition.

Know your Size

One of the very common reasons people can't find anything to wear from their closet is because nothing seems to be the best fit for them. Sure You could get the pants on but it would look quite darn sloppy. Blazers are a golden example, a lot of people get wrong fit blazers because of that few seconds of excitement, but when you get to a formal place it would seem too sloppy as compared to your peers. Shoulders are the most vital area to check for in a blazer.


Focus first on the material of the clothing that your buying. If you check out the branded clothing

You’d notice that the material is thick and sturdy and they would feel durable when pulled. Buying cheap or expensive always focuses on the level of material. 

How can you put a stop to it

Controlling your shopping addiction can be very challenging and tricky but if you can’t seem to decrease it, you can always try some these ways to, if not terminate at least decrease it.

  • Freeze or Cut your cards: If you are a compulsive shopaholic, you can always either cut or freeze your credit cards this way you could at least stop yourself from that dilemma.
  • Hold cash only. Stop using your checkbook or any cards, this would at least break down your spending habits to an extent.
  • Always Audit yourself: Keep a track of every penny that you spend. A proper record of all the expenses that you make would help you further in cutting down expenses.

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